The Narrative Splash Page

Website design and development for the landing page of a real estate development project by Crown Communities.


Website Design, Website Development




The developer, Crown Communities, was in need of a splash page to attract and acquire both brokers and potential buyers. This sit3e was to be used until the full website was completed.


For a splash page, you want to make certain it delivers on its key objective: collecting lead information. Consequently, we had the "register" CTA placed throughout the one page site all anchoring to the registration box at the bottom of the page. After this key factor comes ensuring it is both visually appealing, represents the brand, and displays all key information. Finally, we wanted to link out to the Crown Community site but in a subtle way to not take away from the key objective of the splash page.


A beautifully designed splash page that has been extremely successful in converting visitors into leads and has acted as a great bridge between no lead collection and the full website being pushed live.

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