Co-Founder and package designer. A to-go bottle designed for brewing cold brew coffee at the comfort of your home.


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Walking around the city (Toronto), I noticed one commonality among every coffee shop: they were all selling and promoting “cold brew coffee”. Curious, I decided to go into my local coffee shop and try one. Though delicious and smooth, it cost me $5.50 for one cup. This experience had me thinking, "why isn’t there a way for me to conveniently make cold brew coffee at home and take it to me to go to work?"


From this thought, I gave my co-founder (and coffee expert) a call. He was ecstatic about the idea. Five days later we had our design and brand set and two weeks later our manufacturer vetted. The top was made of bamboo wood and etched with our Simplebrew favicon. The bottle was a double-layered borosilicate glass and we used a micro-filter to brew the best possible product.


The end result was a beautifully designed and functional cold brew bottle that was easy to use and portable. With this project, we produced and sold 2000 bottles through an eCommerce site.

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