MOD Developments

Website and Brand Redesign for MOD Developments, one of Toronto’s most renowned developers.


UX Design, Web Design, Web Development



The Challenge

MOD Developments, a leading development company in Toronto, Canada, approached a colleague with a problem: their current website and overall online presence did not match nor live up to the brand they portrayed with their buildings. As a result, my colleague approached me to help lead the website redesign and development to help solve this problem.

The Process

The first step in any website redesign is to fist understand how the company differentiates from the competition. What makes them different? What are their values and principles? What will they never compromise on? In doing so, you are able to develop their one-liner; the tag line that serves as the guiding light for all subsequent copywriting and design. In this case, it became, "Form the Future".
From here, we had direction on how the website was to be designed and developed. The process was as follows:

  1. Understand the expectations, desires, and preferences of the client
  2. Create a brand inspiration presentation (this part was completed by another colleague)
  3. Develop the information architecture of the website
  4. Create wireframes, mockups, and a final UX design of the website (I use the software Sketch for this)
  5. Layer UI design on top of the UX mockups and present to the client (I use InVision to do so)
  6. Develop the website

The Result

At the end of the project, the client received a beautifully designed website that demonstrated both their brand and market differentiation.

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