Marketing Strategy for a multi-family real estate brokerage in Phoenix, AZ.


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getMULTIfamily represents both buyers and sellers of multi-family real estate within the greater Phoenix area. They focus on properties with 2 to 20 units and sell to private investors. Patrick, the founder of getMULTifamily, came to me with a key issue: he needed a way to better differentiate from the competitive broker market so buyers and sellers choose him. The company has seen some success in the past but was looking to put together a strategy to help break through the plateau and scale.

Skills Needed:
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Funnel Development


The project was completed over the course of 4 weeks and was broken down into 5 phases: mission & company vision, market & client blueprint, expert brand positioning, client acquisition machine, and measurement & reporting system. These phases were designed in a specific order to first collect fundamental information then build on top of it.

Each phase would start out with a video call with the client. In this call, I would ask high-level questions then dive deep based on the responses. The goal was to extract as much information from the expert as possible then take that information and leverage it against secondary research.

After one phase was completed, I would take it back to the client to confirm its accuracy and value then move on to the next phase, building on top of the work that was completed.


After 4 weeks, the client had a professional 18-page marketing strategy report accompanied by 12 external documents: 4 analysis documents, 5 for various marketing uses, 1 database for the buyer lead funnel, and 2 for measurement and reporting. The document analyzed the current situation then outlined the strategy and tactics needed in order to scale.

Testimonial From The Client

"I was looking to articulate why someone should choose us and articulate my position in the market. My market niche is very competitive so I wanted to be able to tell a potential client why they should hire my company over another. Being new, I knew I had a lot of opportunity, so I also wanted to get ideas on how to improve my marketing and business processes.

In the beginning, I tried this on my own but it took my focus away from my strength, which is revenue generation. I knew I needed someone smarter than me as well to help me.

That's when I posted a job and found Christopher Cundari. He had previous experience doing this type of work for other industries, including real estate and I felt comfortable with him after an initial Zoom meeting.

After a few meetings and drafts of the work completed, I received the final draft. It was very detailed and had many ideas I could implement right away, along with some larger projects I could complete. I plan to implement the low hanging fruit and then figure out which projects that were recommended to me afterwards. I plan to involve Christopher in that process after I get the initial action items completed.

I highly recommend Christopher Cundari."

Patrick O’Sullivan, Founder, getMULTIfamily

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