Crown Communities

Redesign and development of a real estate developer's portfolio website.


Web Development, Web Design




Crown Communities, a real estate developer that leverages thoughtful contemporary design, had a website whose design did not meet the standards they uphold with their buildings. As a result, their team wanted to redesign their website to better display who they are and showcase their projects.


Given this was a website redesign, our team started out by understanding what about their current site was bad and what design structure was ideal. For the analysis, we leveraged page speed insights, Google Analytics, and basic UX visual standards to demonstrate what was wrong with how it was currently structured. For the ideation on the ideal design, we leveraged inspiration both within and outside of the real estate industry. The goal was to keep it simple, structured, and focus on highlighting the projects. Given that many of the projects have existing lead-generating landing pages, the projects were to link out to these respective sites.


The team at Crown was delivered a simple yet impactful design website to showcase their work and the press coverage around it. The site is optimized for mobile and has a clear information architecture for a visitor to easily navigate through.

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